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Saturday 14 September ~ Lecture 'Orkneyology' - Speaker Bob Rogers


Journey back 5000 years in time and meet your ancesters in a brief visit to The Orkney Isles. See the first 'Stonehenge', completed 600 years prior to our nearby monument. Learn why an act of war in 1939 was responsible for one of the most beautiful and poignant of Orkney's buildings.


Saturday 12 October    ~   Lecture 'Designing & Flying with Concorde' - Speaker Philip Cairns


A talk about the speaker's experiences designing and flying with Concorde.


Saturday 9 November   ~  Lecture 'Post Traumatic Stress Injury and the Brain' ~ Speaker Lee Hayward


.... it's 0230hrs, the clock is ticking, the train is coming and the client is on the telephone to me saying 'goodbye'.



Saturday 11 January    -     Lecture 'A Pirate of Exquisite Mind' - Speaker Bernard Merrick


The story of William Dampier, a man of Somerset, explorer, naturalist and buccaneer. An intriguing man who circumnavigatedd the world three times.


Saturday 8 February    -     AGM at 2.00pm followed by a lecture given by Graham Harding

                                               'George Formby and the History of Banjos and Ukuleles'


Saturday 14 March     -       Lecture 'Discomforts of Bath' - Speaker Dickon Povey


A light hearted look at the less pleasant side of fashionable 18th century Bath., With Chair-men, chamber pots, death and disaster. Who came, why they came and what they did here. This is an amusing and enlightening collection of rumours, reports and anecdotes. But not for the faint hearted!!


Lectures take place at Wesley Road Methodist Church, Wesley Road, Trowbridge. BA14 0AX commencing  at 2.15 pm unless otherwise stated. Admission costs £3 for members and £4 for visitors.