Thursday 10 October 2019


This trip has been arranged by City and Villages Tours, using one of their very experienced guides.  Our guide specialises in tours of Windsor and has built a working relationship with The Crown Estate over many years. What we see will be dictated by the events of the day; however, it will be more than is seen on standard tours of Windsor Castle.


The introduction to The State Apartments, hung with paintings from The Royal Collection, will be given by our guide in St. George's Chapel. This tour includes George IV's private rooms, knwon as the Semi-state apartments, which are not open in the summer months. The guide cannot perform her duties in the Castle but will remain with us to answer any individual questions. Photographs cannot be taken inside the Castle.


There will be free time in Windsor for both coffee and lunch. There is no limit on the length of tome spent in the Castle so long as you are back at the appointed time.


During the afternoon, we board the coach for the breath taking views of the Royal Landscape including views of the Castle from The Long Walk. The Royal Estate includes a mixed farm with 1000 acres of arable land. The Windsor Farm Shop is our last stop of the day where produce from the Royal Farm, suitable embossed, is sold. Refreshments are also available. We leave at 4.45pm hoping to be back in Chippenham by 6.30pm.


Westbury 7.20am                 Bradford  8.00am        Milk Churn 8.20am         Chippenham  8.45am


Leader Enid Baldwin 01249 721756                                           Cost £54.00


If you are a current National Trust member and interested in joining this tour, then, in the first instance, please send an email to giving full contact details.

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