The Association is a Supporter Group of the National Trust. Whilst being independent of the NT, there is close cooperation between the Trust and the Supporter Groups. In the NWWNTA, we aim to provide events which will bring our members together whilst simultaneously raising funds to support the work of the National Trust.


The events that are planned by the NWWNTA are underpinned by the Committee who take on the following roles:


Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer


Membership Secretary,  Lecture Organiser, Newsletter Coordinator, Newsletter Distribution


Day Tours and Holiday Organiser,  Publicity Officer, Catering Organiser.


In addition, we have a President who takes a keen interest in out work.


The Committee meets regularly and there is always plenty to discuss in view of the many events that are promoted by the Association.


The results of our efforts are that we are able to enhance the work of NT properties by gifts. Each year a 'wish list' is produced and Associations, such as NWWNTA, decide whether they wish to use their funds to allow the purchase of an item that a property is unable to acquire by normal funding.


Although we tend to support our four local properties, the Committee is always open to supporting properties further afield.                





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