The North and West Wiltshire National Trust Association is one of the many National Trust Supporter Groups around the country. Many of us enjoy and support the work of the National Trust but by joining our Association you will be getting more out of your membership and meeting with like minded people who join together, in different activities, to raise money to support the National Trust.


The Association was founded in 1971 and celebrated it fortieth anniversary at Great Chalfield Manor, one of the local properties that we support. The others are Lacock Abbey, The Courts Garden at Holt and Westwood Manor.


Membership is open to current members of either National Trust, National Trust of Scotland and National Trust Volunteers. Our current membership, totalling over 400, mostly live in the area encompassed by Corsham, Trowbridge, Bradford on Avon, Chippenham and Devizes.


In the following pages you will learn more about the events that we organise for our members.

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Clockwise from the left:

Great Chalfield Manor, The Court Gardens in spring, Westwood Manor and Lacock Abbey.

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